Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pink House Extensions

As spring became summer with the Dubova family, our large house welcomed a several, smaller farm members. Here's a post about them! It's my daily delight to check out how much each creature has grown over night. 

 Our baby kitten. The photo below is from his first day at home. Now, he is out roaming around and killing mice. 
 Poppa Dog - Bleeaja - he prefers to jump for his food. 
 Momma Dog - Hika - and her two little boys. 
 Hanging with my pups during their nightly run. 
 Found this little guy outside of his house, with his eyes open, exploring the yard! 

Everyone headed out back this week to pick raspberries for compot, jam, baking, winter prep, etc. 

 While we picked berries, our furry neighbors came out to say hello. 
This is Sinator - almost like Senator - who lives to the right. 
He looks vicious but he and I are good friends. 
 A goat friend from the left. 
He was curious about the construction noises. 
He also found Sasha's hair particularly interesting. 

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