Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camp Champion

During the first week of June, I helped out a friend at her school camp. Caitlin did a fabulous job of preparing materials, writing schedules, making activities so when myself with my friends Drew and Anna arrived, we made the camp work. It was a whirlwind 5 days of prep, play, and more play. From a flash mob each morning to teaching baseball and jump rope to act and crafts to environmental themed songs and lessons. We did it all. 

Caitlin's school is much larger than mine and she works with 8 other English teachers. These ladies led the charge through the students. It was amazing to hear and see students interacts with each other and their teachers (in English) outside of a classroom. Caitlin's school has a 'special focus' on language so her students have an English lesson each day not just twice a week. Their skills and desire to learn were greatly refreshing. Of course, I missed my school and students. Being a grocery store bigger than my bedroom was quite overwhelming. I have good friends to help push me up and down the rows when I go into shock over city prices. 

Lastly, it was fabulous to see my friends. In Burty, we had no one but each other. Now, we've all live in amazing towns with students and friends to keep us company. Nevertheless, hearing their laughter from the next room warmed me. Everyone in PC Ukraine are great - great to talk with, work with, travel with - but being around my friends, those who know me best, relaxed my bones and my soul. 

Anna teaches boys (with awesome hair cuts) to play Ninga, Bear, Hunter. 
Sorta like Rock, Paper, Scissors but with your entire body. 

Singing our  'Go Bananas' song. 


A student said to me after this dance, "You know, Ms. Anna is really, really funny!" 
Flash Mob Morning 
Baseball Practice 
Mini-Flash Mobers 

Ms. Caitlin leading 'Shrinking Islands' 

Students 5th to 8th! 
When in the Peace Corps, you learn to cut sausage and cheese with your credit card and eat tomatoes like apples. Because you usually forget your utensils in the excitement to get to a lake. 

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