Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Football Match

A few weeks ago, while waiting on Rachel's flight to arrive, I spent the day in Kyiv wandering around with my friends and Yulia and Vita. These girls know more about the city than I ever think I will learn. We bought cheap tickets to an evening soccer match and then waited out the day by eating and people watching. The stadium (pictured below) we went to was built for the Euro Cup and is amazing. It's decked out in Ukrainian colors. I loved it. Yulia told me long ago that her favorite part of the Euro Cup coming to Ukraine is what changes will left long after. The stadium is a big one. 

The energy of the Dynamo fans (the team we were rooting for!) was awesome. They were screaming and laughing and swearing and making quite a racket. Rows of people were chatting like they were family. Yulia and Vita taught me when to scream - they were very impressed with my ability to make noise - and a few football commands to bark out so I could appear to be a real fan. Yulia goes to the matches all the time and I'm pretty sure I will attend a few more. Can't let my high hitched squeal go to waste! 

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