Sunday, March 18, 2012

Women's Day

On March 8th, Ukraine celebrated International Women's Day in grand fashion. (It's a fabulous holiday that American needs to adopt asap!) All schools were closed giving everyone a four day weekend. I got to celebrate Women's Day Weekend with Baba Nina, Mama Halya, Vika, and a few other lady relatives. All my favorite women in Ukraine. 
The weekend was spent eating, relaxing, and laughing at each other.

My school put on a few concerts in celebration of the day. My students bought in flowers and candy and cards for all their teachers. My 3rd form gave me a beautiful blue iris and 8th form gave me a basket of flowers made of chocolate. 

My kindergartens right before their concert. They were so excited, they couldn't stand still. 
 Each girl wore a different kind of flower on her head to represent spring. 

 My sweet, sweet 3rd form. They're just precious. 

 The 5th form breaking it down to a song about grandmas. 
I don't teach these students but their form makes up 8 out of 12 students in my English Club for younger students. They are awesome kids.  

'My Super Mama' Contest 

The crowd judged the moms according to their abilities to jump rope....  

..... huala-hoop.....

..... do push-ups..... 
(this mom did 37 regular push-ups, amazing) with their husbands.....
The older girls singing songs in modern attire, 
 and historical attire. The difference is amazing. 

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