Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Crimea: Part 2

Our trip continued by visiting ancient castles and the monastery Sasha used to run tours at. The history of the Crimea is so accessible and so rich. We reached the castle below in Sudak after a two hour whiz down the coast just in time for sunset. The girls and I got to go in for free even though the place was about to close for the night. We raced to water line to grab the last bits of light. The guys joined us later as we wandered through the empty, open meadows within. 

Day 2 Continued: 
The castle on first sight. 

Just inside the gate. 

Enjoying our moment of glory. 

Evening sets on the Sea. 

The Black Sea at Sudak. 

Being silly! 

The city of Sudak.
I want to live here for a while. 

Meadow forlicing. 

Realizing we probably should get home now. 
 Day 3:
 Cave Monastery outside of Bahchisarai. 

From the chapel entrance overlooking the current construction. 

One monk making his way up to the cattle area. 

Three local ladies leaving the chapel. 

Looking up at the chapel entrance.
Each stone of this wall represents a different monastery in a different city or country.
The small, dark section at the bottom of each stone is a glass box that contains earth from each site. 

Walking up to the former home of the Kurds. 

Just inside the defensive entrance. 

Inside the possible cave month of the town priest? 

Sam enjoying the built in windows. 

The view for the top and back of the Kurd village. 

I do not remember the name of this village with only entrance point but
I want to live there.

(The blue shadow on the horizon is the Black Sea)

Trees preparing to bloom. 

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