Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Crimea: Part 3

Another huge bit of our traveling were dedicated to finding ports. For submarines or boats or cruisers.  It tickled our historic fancy and allowed us to see cities of all sized tucked around the water industry.

 Day 3 Continued: 
The submarine port in the city whose name I forget! 

This was when I realized how far from my village we were.
My entire town could live inside that red and white building. 

The museum was closed but we took a look at the submarine entry point. 

A old wall sculpture. 

Sevastopol Boardwalk. 

Street card game.
These guys heard our English and decided to take a crack at their language abilities.
They showed off their card skills and we taught a few vocab words.
Our job never stops! 

Sasha the piegon catcher. 

A new statue dedicated to the Great War. 
 After our long and final day, we picked up little Anna and cooked a grand fest for her. No one could have known how hilarious Big Anna and Little Anna would be together. Fast, forever friends. 
Little Anna, who is bashful and quite, got a little help from Big Anna to present our evening entertainment. 

Best Friends. 

Sam and Anna creating a 'Sasha' out of magnets. 

She was so proud of her artwork! 

Day 4: Birthday Breakfast! 
Our last morning in Crimea was my 24th birthday.
I ate a lovely breakfast of french toast and chocolate cake!
I am one lucky lady.

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