Friday, December 23, 2011

Kyiv. Kiev. Kyiw.

During training, we were lucky enough to get to travel up the road a ways to Kyiv. I never excepted to see the city as many times as we did. Learning to navigate the massive city or asking for directions in Ukrainian with my strange accent was quite the experience. But sitting down to eat Domino's (it's funny how excited we got over cheap pizza) with my friends was worth fighting throw crowds and metro surfing (staying upright without falling into strangers as the train jerks around). Here is a collection of photos from our Kyiv expeditions. 

Holiday lights on Nezalezhnosti Square

Nezalezhnosti Square 

I got really thrilled that I could read this entire sign. Although, these words aren't that different. 

Left to right: Anna, Caitlin, and Cassie.
I owe my sanity to these two women.
We laughed together, ate far too much chocolate while venting about whatever, learned to knit, and took turns listening when someone just needed to cry. Luckily, we laughed much more than we cried. 

Looking back at the capital over the Dnipro. 

More sculptures dedicated to the Great War. 

Motherland statue outside the 'Great War' museum. 

This building is called the 'Golden Gate'. I am not sure why but it is amazing to look at. 

Inside the 'Great War' museum. This Ukrainian typewrite is in amazing shape and incredibly beautiful. 

The city preparing for holiday celebrations. 
Our first group photo!
Left to right: Cassie, Caitlin, Drew, Anna, and Sam.

Left to right: Sasha, Sam and Drew.
If you knew these boys, you would know this image reflects their personalities quite accurately.
Sasha: wandering thoughts, Sam: anxious to keep moving, and Drew: far too good to be documented. 

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  1. Cassie, thank you for sharing your new life with us. I am almost moved to tears thinking about the precious lives you have influenced and will continue to influence. The pictures are beautiful and mesmerizing. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Love and hugs from Kentucky.