Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flashback: Beginning at the Beginning

Since I am finally reconnected with the electronic world, although the break was nice and necessary, I will try to break down my 12 weeks in Burty, Ukraine into smaller pieces, individual events, and introduce the characters to whoever chooses to read.

First off, here is Burty at it's best. The first image was taken from the top of Burty's highest hill on the way to Anna's house. Lucky girl, got to look at this view each morning. The second image was taken during out last weekend in Burty as Caitlin and I roamed all over town. Together we successfully found all edges of town in all directions during our walks and conversations. We discovered that was the cheapest form of entertainment as well as therapeutic exercise. The third image was taken on our very first Sunday in Burty, when Anna, Caitlin, and I attempted to figure out each other and the town by walking up and down each street we could find. Burty doesn't have a lot to find but its local church is stunning beautiful. The fourth image is of the church but from the opposite side of town at dusk during our last weekend. So these are the best moments of the scenery. Next, I'll show you some faces that I adore.

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