Sunday, February 26, 2012

St. Valentine Day

This year Valentine's Day was a little different. Never had I seen 'St. Valentine' used so much to describe the holiday. Neither better or worse, just different. My fellow English teacher, Kati, along with the music teacher and a ton of eager students prepared a wonderful program of dancing, singing, and drama ALL in ENGLISH! To say the least, I was greatly impressed and thrilled. Not to hear my native language - I enjoy listening to Ukrainian, it challenges me - but to hear my students speak or sing English with confident and comfort. Never before had an audience heard so much hooting and hollering from one person. I was out of my seat after every act. 

My students gave me a total of 14 Valentine cards in a variety of sizes.  I got little cards from my little ones that I easily tucked into my pockets like I wish I could tuck them away. The older girls gave me elaborate cards that I could barely fit into my purse. Only one student, Yana in 8th form,  prepared a translation so I had plenty of work to do at home to figure out what exactly my kids wanted to tell me. It was a fabulous challenge. 

Here are a few images from the program. 

Kati and our students made all the decorations. 

My precious 2nd formers ready to show good things you can give someone for St. Valentine's Day. 

Serhiy and Albina were the leading roles in the drama. They did an amazing job! 

3rd form sang "You are My Sunshine" with a bit of choreography.
There are only two boys in 3rd form.
I think their faces tell a good story of how they feel about singing and dancing with a bunch of girls. 

Anna sang a song, hit all the high notes, and pronounced every word perfectly.
Kati with her home room students. 

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