Thursday, January 5, 2012

Present Progressive Tense aka Syhnayivka, Ukraine

So I've been blogging a lot about Burty and all things related. But truth is, I don't live there. I still have many postings to go (due to no internet for so long) but I will have to set them aside for now. No worries, I bring up some throwback entries soon enough. Right now, I need to move on to present day in a present progressive kind of way. Also, present progressive is my favorite grammatical tense to use and/or teach.

My current home is quite small, it doesn't show up in Google Maps (if someone finds it, let me know!) or on any Ukrainian map I have yet to find. Although, I live in the town center right now Highway 16 that runs all over the country, Syhnayivka can not be found on my map. Just the next town over which has my bus and train station. So I am constantly saying, "It's near...." or "Not far from....". One of the many new things I am learning I must do each day.

Making friends in such a small place has been a challenge. As social as I am, I enjoy staying home with a good book and sweet tunes (thank you kindly Drew, Caitlin, Hunter and others). Its just too cold or dark far too early in the evening to think about leaving home. Nonetheless, I have met many people through my school, my counterpart, Kateryn or Kati, and my landlady. So far, I have been observing classes and assisting in holiday celebrations. That's what the images below will show. Syhnayivka Educational Complex and its brand of celebration.

Kati never stops working. I keep Donna company while she blazes through her house. 

Donna and I did some window painting in preparation for 2012.

Walking home on Christmas Eve. 

Donna and her classmates with Father Frost. 

Donna attempting to make a mess of our lobby decor. 

Kati and her 8th form. She is their 'classmaster' kinda like their homeroom teacher. 

The English teacher got 'volunteered' to sing Last Christmas with Kati and Alina in 11th form. I haven't had so much make-up or hair stuff on since dance recitals in elementary school. But it was a blast. I was a nervous wreak but it was a blast. Someday, I will figure how to upload the video! 

Our 9th form having fun. 

The upper form boys singing a beautiful song. 

Vova, far left and Kati's brother, met up some of his old classmates at the program. At last, I found people my age! 

Me and Kati at the after party. 

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