Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Day in Town

I visited Bowling Green last week. Just getting off the interstate and seeing a few familiar buildings brought a rush of energy and vibrance back to my tense muscles. Again, each person, hug, kiss, laugh, silly joke, and sincere word lifted me. Amidst of week of chaos I felt renewed finishing off a homemade pizza with a few of greatest men and women I know. At one point, I dozed off on the shoulder of a sweet boy. I was comfortable enough to sleep! During the first moments of sleepiness, I glanced around the room at each face I love and felt safe.

To all those Photo Faces: Be good. Take care of each other. Someone needs to learn how to bake. Come visit me! Take beautiful photos of your life and send them over. I'll still edit resumes and cover letters if you need. All my love.

Here's just two of my favorite people to share a  meal and laughter with. 

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